Bulova Watches

If you ask citizens in the United States to name a watch brand, chances are a good percentage of them will say “Bulova.” In fact, you may not have to limit your survey to this country alone, because the brand has grown in popularity and has found its way to more locations around the world than you might realize.

The company carries the name of its founder, Joseph Bulova, who opened a small shop in New York City in 1875. He set a goal of producing the highest-quality timepieces he could, innovating and creating along the way to meet the demands of a changing market. This focus has kept Bulova watches in the public eye for almost 150 years.


The company was a pioneer in the standardization of watch production, as well as in the development of the first fully electronic watch. This technology employed a tuning-fork that made it the most accurate watch in the world at the time. Bulova’s contributions extended beyond timepieces, with the Phototimer widely used in sports and with timers used in NASA space missions. When you purchase Bulova watches for men, to cite just one example, you are part of a history that continues today.

The company continued its industry-leading work with the Precisionist collection in 2010, and with the CURV collection, recognized as the first curved chronograph movement. The same principles of craftsmanship and innovation that carried the company through the decades continues to drive the production of Bulova watches for women, and all products, today.

Evidence of this continuing excellence is obvious in the Rubaiyat, originally used by Bulova 100 years ago. This was considered the first female-focused watch design in the world, and the collection still celebrates the century with its modern design and true craftsmanship. When you choose Bulova watches, you get the best of modern technology and treasured tradition.

Men’s Collections, Women’s Collections

The company takes great pride in all its collections, including Bulova watches for men such as Chronograph C, Grammy Collection, CURV, Moon Watch, Precisionist, Marine Star, Modern, Classic, Crystal, Harley-Davidson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and several more.

If you select Bulova watches for women, you’ll be proud to wear Rubaiyat, CURV, Marine Star, Modern, Classic, Crystals, Harley-Davidson, Frank Lloyd Wright and more. You may also want to look at Bulova from a new point of view as it celebrates the company’s rich history. The focus is on the many special “firsts” everyone experiences during their lives.

You may laugh, cry, or romanticize, but chances are you will live those moments again when you see the images used in this campaign. Those images feature real families, real people in real relationships, bringing them to life with pictures and carefully chosen words.

Chances are you’ve owned and treasured a Bulova in the past. You almost certainly know someone who has, whether it’s your father, your mother, or a good friend. If you do, you understand the name has long stood for innovation, elegant design, and reliability in timepieces.