The Basics

If you’re going to find a classy men’s watch, you should probably start by looking for a few elements that make the timepiece a good watch. A good watch is accurate as well as comfortable to wear, to name just a couple of essential factors. In addition, the watch should make near-perfect use of the numerous tiny parts that the artisan includes in a quality timepiece. A good watch should feel as if it has quality in the sweep/movement, the name, and the overall feel.

Wristwatches have been, to some extent, replaced by the increased use of cell phones as a primary way to tell time. For the reduced number of watch-wearing people, it’s important to have an item that is a tool for telling time, a status symbol, and, in many cases, an investment. Look for a watch that has some weight, that is somewhat hefty without being too heavy. This is especially true for men’s watches.

How to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

It’s also very important and some would say essential for your watch to match your clothing. Classic men’s watches will always do this, whether it’s the slim design and quality leather that goes with your business attire or the heavier industrial look that “works” with the boots and jeans that you wear for work or hunting.

In a traditional sense, “classy” meant that something was “full of class.” It’s more than just having enough wealth that you don’t have to worry about price. The term also means that something with class looks appropriate for the setting and indicates to others that you appreciate the finer things. When you are matching men’s watches to your outfit, color is generally not as crucial as the design of the watches and the materials used to make them.

Choosing the Affordable Watch but Still Classy

Can a classy men’s watch still be affordable? The answer is “Absolutely.” There will be some difference of opinion as to what “classy” means but you’ll know it when you see it. There will also be a few opinions on what is affordable.

The key is to find a timepiece that has all the basic elements to make it a good watch and then get it at a price that fits your budget. If you can find classic men’s watches with the style and design that you’re looking for and it keeps time accurately, you could make an argument for it being classy.

The question then is, is it really affordable? It would be hard to convince many people that a watch you pay $30 for is classy, though it’s obviously very affordable. It would be easier to say that a classy watch has the name and tradition that people will recognize as being desirable.

An Oversized Watch or Not? 

The question posed in this sub-head could stimulate quite a discussion. Some people will feel that an oversized watch makes a statement about durability and ruggedness while still being classy because of the color of its materials (gold, silver, platinum). Wearing an oversized watch that would appear bulky to some might be perfect for others, even in a semi-formal setting. The “classy” watch of today certainly isn’t the same timepiece of just a few decades ago.